Karov Lalev’s work relies on more than 5,000 volunteers who distribute the holiday kits.
Karov Lalev grassroots’ activity generates, most authentically, a sense of interconnectedness and provides a genuine and fitting setting which engages individuals in the meaning of Jewish peoplehood.

Karov Lalev provides endless opportunities that can be a game changer in the process of cultivating a feeling of unity. This is one of our biggest untapped resources, and our goal should be to look for, embrace, and nurture our Jewish living bridgeable connections, wherever they are.

Our thousands of volunteers have become local role models, assisting Karov Lalev to nurture awareness to the simplicity and the effortlessness required to create encounters, right in our own backyards.

Want to Join Too?
You can join anytime – sign up using our application or call us  (*2238) to receive holiday kits and to help you better connect with your neighbors!

It is possible to order our unique holiday kits for up to two weeks before each holiday. The kits will arrive approximately one week before the holiday. We’d love to hear about your various experiences, so feel free to share them with us!

If you would like to volunteer please contact us!