What does the holiday kit contain?

Karov LaLev produces tens of thousands heartwarming holiday kits. The kits offer countless opportunities for neighbors to meet. The holiday kit usually consists of a functional gift alongside unique Jewish content related to the holiday. Each individual kit’s content will be uploaded to our website during the holiday kits’ reservation period, although it’s also possible to order a holiday package even before its simulation will be online.

Can we order kits for ourselves? For family and friends?

Each kit’s price is subsidized as there’s also an option to order free holiday kits. The bodies and people who support us financially have a clear goal for the kits – to provide a sense of interconnectedness among neighbors who come from different backgrounds in Israel. You can order up to 4 packages of 3 holiday kits paying a subsidized price. For other personal purposes, you can purchase any amount of holiday kits for a full price.

Who is behind Karov LaLev?

Our organization is funded by governmental budgets and private donors, both who believe that in order to achieve long lasting change and a deeper connection between the families, we need to promote creative and innovative community programs to create a ripple effect on the entire society, bringing value to local Jewish communities in countless ways.

As a secular family, can we give our religious neighbors a holiday kit?

Of course! That’s exactly what this is all about. The kits are meant for neighbors who come from different backgrounds, all for enhancing Ahavat Israel (Jewish solidarity in Israel).

Do we need to pay in order to receive a holiday kit?

New members may receive their first kits for free. After that, the kits are sold in a minimal price in order to cover some of the expenses and to allow us to welcome thousands of volunteers to join us.